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Single application with multiple options! Are you worried of your Phone memory and Data Packs installing multiple applications for shopping, Offers, Recharge, News Feeds, Radio, Incentives etc. Here is a one stop solution!

Install Sash.Cash application to explore all the above features in a single app. Yes! We have carefully chiseled the application with the love for shopping and to provide most convenient shopping experience from more than 200+ shopping sites under various categories like Online shopping, Lifestyle, Travel, Online Grocery etc. and also provide you with exclusive deals and offers made for you in the Offers Category.

Recharge your Mobile and DTH services from anywhere and anytime using Sash.Cash application!

During the everyday hustle and bustle it's easy to ignore the world around you, but the news is everywhere, including your phone. Sash.Cash News category is a one-stop shop for all your news needs around world.

Listen to your favorite Radio stations all over the world for free by using Sash.Cash application in Play store and App store! Yes! Listening to Radio in iPhone has become Realistic with Sash.Cash application!

Above all, Sash.Cash application provides Incentive to users for using our application. Under the Earn Money category, just earn by viewing ads and utilize the cash for Recharging your Mobile, DTH Services and Transfer for Shopping using Paytm!

Enjoy using Sash.Cash!

all in one app

All in One App

News Feed


News Feed


News Feed


News Feed

News Feed

Earn money

Earn Money

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